Santa came to town – Beautiful Evolutions – Family Photographer

Santa came to town – Beautiful Evolutions – Family Photographer

Every year I dream of new ideas for Christmas mini sessions for our families.  This year I found two fantastic Santa’s as well as the prettiest Christmas Trees.  Everything I dreamed in my mind came to fruition with these little mini sessions.  Being a Family Photographer is no longer the core focus of my business, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Every year in the fall, I am booked solid with family sessions.  I would love to shoot these throughout the year, but for now – it’s a big focus for families when the Texas heat cools off.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 2

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 3

Santa Claus came to town – Beautiful Evolutions Family Photographer

I was lucky enough to have two Santa’s recommended to me.  They both were fantastic and really added that extra little something special.  Not only did these families NOT have to wait in LONG lines at the mall, or deal with crowds of crying children… each child got a few minutes to spend one on one with Santa without being rushed.  Having Santa will be a permanent feature for our Christmas mini sessions.  I want to give a great big thank you to our Santa’s for coming out and spending the afternoons with us.  It was magical and just what I dreamed it would be.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 6 Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 7

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

The last day of our mini sessions was done without Santa. These were so beautiful and it was a perfect day for them.  My hope is that these precious families cherish these beautiful images we created.  Without having to divide our “mini” time between family and Santa… we had more than enough time to create some beautiful family images.  It is my honor every year to document families.  While some families only update their images every few (or 7) years, I have some special families that see me every year.  It’s is incredible to watch their kids grow and to be the one to document these moments.  Family sessions have become something that are such a blessing each year.  No longer do I photograph families in a traditional way.  It is my goal of each and every session to capture genuine laughter as well as the love that is shared.   Thank you to Sunset Hill Tree Farm that hosted our mini sessions.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful field of Christmas Trees.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 9Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 10

Thank you to all of my families that came out for the Christmas Mini Sessions – I am truly blessed to be your family photographer.   To see more of our Life Inspired Family Sessions – head over to the website and check it out.  Beautiful Evolutions Website

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 8

All my love


Kaelah | Dallas Fort Worth Senior Photographer

Kaelah | Dallas Fort Worth Senior Photographer

A few months ago, I ran a contest on Facebook for a complimentary Senior Session.  Kaelah was the lucky girl to win and I am so excited that I got to be her Senior Photographer. Kaelah attends Godley High School and will be graduating this spring.  She was really looking forward to her session and I think her mom was equally as excited. We met at a location that we chose together made a plan for the outfits that she brought.  What she didn’t know before this day was that I had one extra thing as a surprise for her.  Her mom had seen some of the tulle skirts I have for some other clients and told me how much Kaelah loves tulle skirts.  So I loaded one of them up and showed it to her at the beginning of her session.  She was over the moon excited… I think it was just right for her.

Class of 2017 – Godley High School – Kaelah

Kaelah is a precious girl and I really enjoyed getting to know a little more about her.  She attends her local church and is involved in the small groups and youth group.  You can see her faith has carried her thru her life and that faith will continue to be the driving force in her life. Kaelah was super shy when we got started with her session – but my job as her Senior Photographer, I was determined I was going to get her out of her little shell.  She is silly and has a beautiful laugh.  It was long before we were sitting on the ground laughing with each other.  Thank goodness she doesn’t know I’m really not that funny.  Kaelah also has Aspergers… but let me just tell you – it will not stop her.  This challenge she has been given makes her beautifully unique.  She is strong, determined and resilient.  Her sweet soul was a blessing to photograph.

Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 bw tulle Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 tulle skirt outdoor Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 close up

Senior Photographer, Kaelah and the girls

Kaelah’s mom and younger sister came with her to her senior session.  I’m not certain who was more excited… Kaelah or her little sister.  The girls in this family are so sweet.  We had a great time during her session and both her sister and her mom were so helpful.  As we were packing up to leave for the day, her little sister asked to try on the tulle skirt.  She loved feeling extra girly, but quickly admitted it was just a little too itchy. My hope is that in a few short years, I will be lucky enough to photograph Kaelah’s little sister as a graduate. Mom, Jennifer, thank you for entering the contest and allowing me to document Kaelah’s big moment as a high school graduate.  Being her senior photographer was a great thing and I truly hope that she loves her images.

Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions class of 2018 Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 outdoor creek Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 outdoor Senior Photographer Godley High School Beautiful Evolutions 2018 tulle skirt

Senior Photographer – Beautiful Evolutions

Do you have a graduate for the class of 2017 or 2018?  I would love to chat with you and photograph your senior.  Head over to the main website and see some of our recent seniors.  Beautiful Evolutions – Seniors.

Kaelah – I wish you all the happiness in the world and look forward to watching you continue to grow.

Much love



Gift Cards … a little way to be a rockstar

Gift Cards … a little way to be a rockstar


Did you know most women really want to have a photo session?  Did you also know, that most women won’t book one because they feel it’s too frivolous?  Sure, they may schedule a session for their kids, their families or even their own parents… but spend money on themselves??  Gasp – never.  I meet women every day that tell me how much they would really love to schedule something with me, but it’s just not the right time.  Or they just wouldn’t know what to do with images of themselves.  Can you imagine that?  Everyone should have some badass images of themselves.  Now, you can save the day with some gift cards.


Are you a business owner?  Maybe you are in sales?  Do you know someone that needs to update their head shots?  Gift them a head shot session?  We travel all over shooting head shots. We go to each client so that it is a little easier on them.  Because really, who LOVES to get their head shots done.  I bet you can think of at LEAST three people right now that have a seat-belt selfie or their profile picture is standing by their front door.

Do you know a family, are you that family, that hasn’t head family pictures done in YEARS?? I laugh hearing the stories from clients – some of my families haven’t had family pictures done since they only had 2 kids… and now they have 4.  Are your parents getting finer like wine (with age) and haven’t had new pictures of themselves since that church directory 10 years ago?  Often times we push family sessions to the back burner… but why not give the gift of one.

Are you the spouse that ALWAYS waits to the last minute and gets something lame for the person that rocks your world?  Did you know, she would be over the moon happy if you arranged a photo shoot?  Did you know, I can take care of all of the details and you get to be the rock star?

gift cards


At the end of the day – we live in a world that most people can buy the “things” that they want.  They may really want something but aren’t ready to spend money on something they view as frivolous. Think about the last time someone gifted you with something that you could cherish for years… even after you are gone?  Pictures are something that can tell your story today and for many years.  Is there a better gift that? Is there a better gift that giving someone permission to do something for themselves?  Think about the industry you work in… how will you separate yourself from your competition?  This is a pretty cool way to gift your clients something that no one else is.


First things first, let’s chat a little bit.  Talk to me about who you are buying for and together we can decide which session is best or if just a general gift card is best.  Then, we can discuss your budget and now much you would like to spend.  We offer gift cards in any amount.  We have digital gift cards as well as pretty gold gift cards that come in a pretty little box.  Together, we will choose the best option for you.  In the meantime, head over to the Beautiful Evolutions website and check out some of our work.

Sign up here and let’s get you on the way to getting some gift cards.

Mickey and Todd Are Married – Avalon Legacy Ranch {McKinney, TX Wedding Photographer}

Mickey and Todd Are Married – Avalon Legacy Ranch {McKinney, TX Wedding Photographer}

Mickey and Todd’s wedding day was a perfect way to celebrate their love.  We were honored to document their day at Avalon Legacy Ranch in McKinney, Texas.



Mickey and Todd Are Married!! I met Mickey earlier in 2017 as she had scheduled a session with me.  We immediately fell into a groove and a friendship.  That’s probably one of my favorite things about my job… I have the opportunity to meet some really cool people.  She had recently gotten engaged and still needed to find her wedding photographer.  I mentioned that I still had a few openings for the year, but I wanted her to see her images first to make sure we were a good fit.  She knew before she ever left our first meeting that I would be her photographer.  I am so thankful for that first meeting.  Todd and Mickey met online and have been inseparable ever since.  They are an amazing combination and perfectly balance each other out.  Mickey has a vibrant personality and not only does she just radiate happiness and love, she adores Todd and the love he gives her.  Todd is quiet and reserved, at least until you get to know him a little better.  He’s so stinking funny and knows exactly how to love Mickey and gets her quirky sense of humor.  It is absolutely beautiful to see them together.

wedding detail shots


Mickey called me after choosing her venue, Avalon Legacy Ranch.  She fell in love with it as soon as she pulled up to the front of the property.  She sent me pictures and just gushed and gushed over it.  I was certain it would be perfect for her day.  However, what I didn’t realize was just how beautiful it really was.  Pictures just didn’t do it justice.  If you could imagine a beautiful log cabin in set back in trees… even then, it just is more amazing than that.  To find something like this in DFW is remarkable on its own.  Avalon Legacy Ranch describes it perfectly, on their website.  “Experiencing the wooded pines and peaceful ambiance of East Texas without leaving the DFW Metroplex. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to Avalon Legacy Ranch!Located 5 minutes from the Downtown Square of McKinney -Avalon Legacy is a 25 acre wooded destination that is unimaginably unique and magnificently beautiful – making it the perfect destination for your perfect day!”  We fell in love with every inch of this property.



The ceremony was a small quiet event.  Surrounded by family and friends, these two united their love for each other.  The ceremony was held in the outdoor chapel which was just stunning.  Mickey was given away by her son as her daughter stood beside her.  Her incredible sisters played and sang Etta James’ At Last, a surprise to Mickey, which I’m certain left not one dry eye in those of us that watched them.  Todd’s father stood beside him and beamed as a proud father.  The ceremony was filled with laughter, love and a couple of surprises.  As they look back at their images from this day, my hope is that they always feel the love that surrounded them and that they use that love to constantly infuse their marriage with the support and prayers from those that attended.

ceremony Avalon Legacy Ranchoutdoor wedding ceremony images


The outdoor patio was perfect for everyone to eat, drink and dance the night away.  Mickey had worked hard to pull every little detail together and it was just perfect.  Sisters, that hadn’t seen each other in many years, danced together.  The music played on and everyone celebrated together.  Mickey & Todd decided months before that they wanted something fun for dinner.  A boring seated meal, is just not their style.  We discussed some of the ideas together and ultimately, they decided on Easy Slider Food Truck.  We had recommended Easy Slider to the couple, because first we are friends with them, second… their food is AHMAZING.  They headed over to Dallas to check them out and fell in love with them as well.  We were so excited to see the truck pull up.  It had a constant flow of people waiting to get a taste of their sliders and I’m pretty sure everyone was happy with the couples choice.

First Dance wedding night reception detail shots avalon legacyeasy sliders wedding catering

Thank you Mickey & Todd.  We are so blessed that you chose Beautiful Evolutions to document your day and be your photographer.  We absolutely love you both and wish you a life of love.  Todd, by now you have receivedyour orders for the military and while it may not be a sunny beach… we still have every intention to come visit you both soon.

We send all of our love, Brooke & Melissa.

Benbrook Stables Levi | Benbrook Family Photographer | Levi

Benbrook Stables Levi | Benbrook Family Photographer | Levi

Benbrook Stables, Benbrook Texas

Sweet Levi turns three and his momma said he has an incredible love for horses.  After deciding that neither of us had access quickly to horses and a beautiful piece of property, she suggested Benbrook Stables.  We were able to rent a horse and a trainer to make sure all went well.  Levi couldn’t have been a happier boy.  We walked the property with our horse and she was so kind and patient.  Levi’s mom told me that he is completely infatuated with horses… and let me tell you – he was in absolute heaven.  After we walked the property, we stopped for some family photos and to feed some of the horses that were already out in the pasture.  It was a perfect location for some awesome family images.

Benbrook Stables family photographer horses Beautiful Evolutions

Levi is three

He is all boy.  Full of life.  A mind of his own.  A force to be reckoned with.  Levi was so inquisitive and couldn’t wait to be done with me so he could feed the horses and see all of them.  We may or may not have bribed him with grass to keep him focused on the task at hand.  Have you ever tried to reason with a three year old and get them to sit still for .5 seconds??  No? Well let me tell you, it’s kinda like asking a the wind to not blow.  Three year olds will do what they want – when they want – and how they want.  This age is SUPER fun to photograph – because honestly, you just never know what you are going to get from them.  Levi kept me on my toes, but he gave me some fantastic images as well.   We had so much fun and I’m pretty certain we all slept really well that night.


Benbrook Stables family photographer levi Beautiful Evolutions

We are family

While the main focus of the session was for Levi and his birthday pictures, we went ahead and snuck in some family pictures.  If you know me, or have followed me for very long – you will know that I don’t do boring, sit still and smile pictures very well.  I want my families laughing, moving, loving each other.  It’s the emotions that are given when you ask everyone to snuggle in, or the laughter that bursts out of kids when you ask them who can laugh the loudest.  THOSE are the moments that should be documented.  Those the images that are priceless and will last a lifetime.  Sometimes as mommies we want that perfect picture where everyone is acting right and smiling just perfectly… but sometimes – its the moments that happen around that perfect picture that are so much better.

Benbrook Stables family photographer family Beautiful Evolutions

Thank you Charolette & Ashley for trusting me to document that milestone for Levi and for your family.  These images tell a beautiful story of your family in this moment, I hope you cherish them forever.

Happy Birthday Levi.

Much Love




Would you like more info on Family Sessions?  Email me for details  brooke@beautifulevolutions.com