Seniors What to Wear: Rompers and Overalls

Seniors What to Wear: Rompers and Overalls

Rompers are “Overall” a Good Idea


Summer is right around the corner, which means unbearably hot days are on their way too. You don’t have time to plan cute outfits that will keep you cool too! You’ve got things to do and people to see! That’s why rompers and overalls are so essential for the season! It is a one-step process! No more struggling to find a cute top and a bottom that pair w


ell. Just throw a romper on and…BOOM, cute outfit achieved. They are so simple and perfect for your busy summer schedule.

Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear


Because of their simplicity, accessorizing is key to spicing up a romper or pair of overalls. Try adding a dainty bralette under a romper for a peep of lace. This extra touch adds a classy and romantic vibe to any outfit. Throw on a cute crop top under your overalls to make them more wearable. Crop tops are always a big trend so the options are endless!

Let’s not forget about shoes! The shoes define the entire outfit. They can tone it down for a everyday look or dress up a simple outfit to make it suitable for a more formal occasion. For a more dressy look, add a pair of strappy simple heels to accentuate the legs and make them appear longer.

Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear

If you want something more simple and casual, strappy sandals and open-toed booties will add a casual touch that will be your toes cool!

How will you incorporate your own signature style into this summer trend?

Seniors Tips & Tricks: Taking Care of Your Summer Skin

Seniors Tips & Tricks: Taking Care of Your Summer Skin

“Glowing skin is always in”


Question: How can I take care of my skin this summer?

Fact: Daily sun protection helps to stop the oxidation that causes blackheads to look black.

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips & Tricks

     Summer is the perfect time to focus on your skin and give it a break from all the makeup. You can focus on getting a natural tan by skipping the bronzer. Your pores can get a breath of fresh air and you can focus on enhancing your skin without the foundation.

For example, wear makeup just the weekends or special occasions. During the week day, let your face breathe pamper by using face masks, creams, and oils. These are a few products you can use to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips & Tricks


Face Wash

   Try Aveeno’s Positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub. This face wash leaves your skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and clean. It includes exfoliating granules which remove impurities from the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling softer and brighter and burniva weightloss, perfect for the warm weather.


  A favorite is the Cetaphil daily moisturizer. It’s made for all skin types and includes sunscreen. This moisturizer is lightweight, which does not leave your skin feeling oily. Instead it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.


  The Body Shop’s tea tree oil is perfect for getting rid of those stubborn blemishes. It helps to even skin tone and hydrate as well.


   Freeman’s avocado and oatmeal clay mask is great for nourishing your skin. It really gets in your pores to remove unwanted dirt. After using this mask, your skin is left feeling radiant.



  ZO skin health’s exfoliating polish is excellent when you want to go an extra step to keep your skin feeling fresh. This polish gets rid of dead skin while adding a refreshing feeling for your skin.

  For those stubborn blemishes, try Mary Kay’s clearproof acne treatment gel. Apply a pea size amount to the blemish and the gel works to remove and decrease it.  

   Aveeno also has a night cream which benefits your skin in many ways. It helps with tone, dullness, dark spots, texture, and blotchiness. This cream overall leaves your skin feeling ready for the day.

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips & Tricks

Learn more info at https://vapejuicedepot.com/collections/propaganda

Seniors What to Wear: The Best Combinations

Seniors What to Wear: The Best Combinations

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”


Question: How to fashionably wear high waisted bottoms and crop tops?

Fact: Crop tops were a huge hit in the 80’s worn by Madonna, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. They started making a comeback to fashion in 2011.

Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to WearBeautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear

What’s a better duo than Kanye and Kim? Duh, without a doubt high waisted shorts and crop tops. These two staple articles of clothing are quick to find and super easy to create the perfect summer outfit. The great thing about this outfit is the various styles you can create with just shorts and shirt.

Weekend time and ready to party, you can wear distressed black shorts with a dark colored crop top, some vans or Adidas and a pair of silver hoops for a stylish and basic outfit. Crop tops are extremely versatile and every girl can sport her style with the purchase of one shirt.

Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to WearBeautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear

Special occasion? No worries, there’s plenty of higher end or fancier crop tops in stores near you. Rock it with a maxi skirt or high waisted Palazzo pants, which are super comfortable and the thin fabric keeps you cool throughout the day.

You can easily rock high waisted shorts with heels and casual wedges. And don’t forget to go all out with accessories when wearing casual crop tops, this can change your outfit from boring to styling in the snap of a finger.Beautiful Evolutions Seniors What to WearBeautiful Evolutions Seniors What to Wear

Senior Tips & Tricks: Eyebrows speak louder than words

Senior Tips & Tricks: Eyebrows speak louder than words

Question: Do our eyebrows have to be identical?

Fact: Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips and Tricks

    Eyebrows are an important part of our facial structure. They define the face. This is why it is important to maintain them and have them looking how you desire. One tip to always remember is, your eyebrows are sisters not twins. So it’s okay if they are not perfectly identical, it’s normal.

    You must maintain your eyebrows in a way that will not harm your body. We are all unique and have skin that reacts in different ways. Luckily there are various ways we can keep our brows in shape.

      A very common option is waxing. Let your eyebrows grow out for a few weeks or however long it takes for your hair to grow to get them waxed. This will make it easier to shape your eyebrows how you would like. I recommend to go to a professional instead of doing it yourself. Waxing can be difficult to do on your own. Once you find a professional to wax your eyebrows remember to specify exactly how you want your eyebrows to look.

      Another option is plucking, which is my preferred option. You can do this yourself and save money. All you need is a pair of tweezers and a compact mirror. You also do not have to wait for your eyebrows to grow out. Whenever there is an undesired hair you can easily pluck it.

      Lastly you can thread your eyebrows. This will also require a professional so they can do it properly and it is required to let your brows grow beforehand. Don’t forget to let the person who threads your eyebrows know how you want your eyebrows to look like. This way you will have the brows you hoped for.

     Once you get into a routine whether it’s going every other week to the salon or plucking them once a week you will know what works for you. You will begin seeing how long it takes for your eyebrows to grow back and how often you need to maintain them.

     Eyebrows are a staple to a makeup look, which is why we need them to be on point.

Megan & Zach get married {Diamond H3 Ranch, Weatherford Texas}

Megan & Zach get married {Diamond H3 Ranch, Weatherford Texas}

Megan & Zach got married on June 9th at Diamond H3 Ranch in Weatherford, Texas, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for their special day.

Beautiful Evolutions Wedding Photography

Megan might be the most organized bride I’ve ever met.  Not only was she super organized, she was extremely laid back and so appreciative of everything.  When I tell you that shooting her wedding was a joy, that might still be an understatement.  We had so much fun shooting and are so thankful that we got this opportunity.

Beautiful Evolutions Wedding Photography

One of the things that made this wedding a little more special is that Zach will be deployed again in just a few short months.  So while every couple is excited for their wedding day – this day was a little more special.

When we arrived, Megan and her girls were busy getting ready.  The room was filled with laughter and girls pulling together all the little details to make sure that Megan’s day was just perfect.

Beautiful Evolutions Wedding Photography

Zach and his guys arrived and waited patiently to start getting dressed.  We had so much fun with the guys… they were up for anything we asked and they completely rocked the day!

groom portraits at h3 ranch

The girls… gah!  Have you ever seen prettier girls??  They were phenomenal and such a fun group.

bride portraits at H3 ranch

The venue, oh my gosh the venue.  Let me just say, this quickly became one of my new favorite venues.  The ceremony took place out back and it felt as though Megan and Zach were married on top of the world.  The view was amazing.  The weather cleared up and the skies were just perfect.  Every little detail that Megan had planned for their ceremony came together perfectly.  The vows they exchanged were heartfelt and I’m pretty certain that there wasn’t a dry in the crowd.  Sidenote: I may have been crying in the middle of the aisle… trying to make sure you get the shots and crying at the same time… no easy task.

wedding party walking down aisle details of ceremony bride and groom say vows bride and groom say i do

The reception was a blast – everyone danced, young and old. Megan and Zach were completely surrounded by love and I think there wedding was just perfect.

reception party time


Thank you for trusting us to be your photographers  – we are so blessed to have met you both.

sunset bride and groom at h3 ranch


All my love



To see more of Megan and Zach’s wedding day – check out the video below