The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

May is Mental Health Awareness Month…

I know from first-hand experience, how debilitating stress and anxiety can be during everyday activities. I myself struggle with driving anxiety often. Anxiety and stress are not something that can be cured; it is a battle that will have many high and low points. I wanted to share some tips with all of you in hopes that it can help someone going through a tough time:

  1. Acceptance- The first step to dealing with anxiety is to accept it for what it is. Realizing that my problems with driving were real and the effect of a mental disorder helped me so much in believing that my issues were valid and not crazy.
  2. Avoidance- Avoid situations that cause unnecessary stress. This doesn’t mean to avoid what needs to be done, but to try to abstain from stressful situations that will negatively impact your goals.
  3. Appreciation- take a step back and appreciate all the wonderful things you already have in your life. It can be easy to overlook the positive aspects of your life with all the stress of daily life taking your attention.
  4. Alleviation- Find something that you relaxes you for those days when life gets overwhelming and stressful. Whether that is taking a hot bath, journaling, working out, etc., whatever you need to do, do it!

Life can be hard and a scary place, but when you accept that, it will be easier to appreciate the good times. Remember to take life day by day, and believe that you can overcome anything!BE Mental Health Awareness Month



The Laurel Wedding, Grapvine TX: Nikki + Stephen

The Laurel Wedding, Grapvine TX: Nikki + Stephen

Nikki and Stephen were married on March 31, 2017 at The Laurel.  It may have been a windy day – but there was nothing that would stop these two beautiful people from marrying each other.  The Laurel was a perfect location for their day and the little details they pulled together told their story just wonderfully.

She was a bundle of nerves the day of.  I expected it though… this beautiful girl worried about every detail all along the way.  I had already been telling her for weeks that her day was going to be perfect and we would handle anything that came her way.  I walked in and she was full of smiles and she beamed with joy, as she should… she had made it to her wedding day.  She was in the process of transforming into a beautiful princess and was surrounded by laughter and love.  Final details were being taken care of, girls were getting pampered… and the guys were having fun being guys!




Meanwhile… they guys were just hanging out, being guys.  They had a great day and were having a great afternoon by the time we met up!


Ready or not ladies… here we go!  Bottoms up!




As they stood before their family and friends – they pledged their love to each other.  They vowed to always be together, thru better or worse.  Today, they became a team that will be unbreakable.  They held each others hands and stood side by side and vowed that no matter what comes their way, they will face it together.  They professed their love in front of the ones they cherish and their family became one.

wedding Photography Beautiful Evolutions The Laurel Grapevine TX Northrup

Nikki looked absolutely stunning and all of her worries washed away as soon as she came back down the aisle.  A quick stop for one more kiss and then off to the reception.

wedding Photography Beautiful Evolutions The Laurel Grapevine TX Northrup

Toasts were given, memories were shared, laughter floated around the room.  Nikki and Stephen celebrated the night away with those that loved them.  We were so blessed to be able to document the day and the night for them.  Their love is something to be seen.  Stephen adores Nikki and she will always feel cherished when wrapped in his arms.

Their little girl Madison decided she was dancing as well.  A first dance between husband and wife, quickly became a party of three.  However, I’m pretty certain it was perfect and just the way it was intended to be.

Toasts were given and more memories were shared.  We learned a lot about the newly married couple and the life they have joined and will share together.

Nikki and Stephen, I hope that your wedding day was all you dreamed it would be.  Thank you so much for choosing me to document your day.  It was a complete honor to witness your love and the details of your wedding.

All my Love


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Northrup

Nikki & Stephen: March 31, 2017

Northrup_Wedding from Brooke Mathis on Vimeo.

2018 Spokesmodel Shoot Leighton Alvarado High School

2018 Spokesmodel Shoot Leighton Alvarado High School

I am so excited to introduce you to one of our 2018 Beautiful Evolutions Spokesmodels.  Leighton attends Alvarado HS and will graduate in 2019.  She has the most precious soul and is full of smiles and of course the most beautiful freckles.  I love them, she doesn’t.

senior Photography Beautiful Evolutions alvarado Texas

When I rolled out the Spokesmodel team for 2018 – I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted it to be.  I didn’t want to restrict it to only rising Seniors… I wanted to bring in a select few rising Juniors as well.  I wanted to make this group about something bigger than just pretty pictures and kids rushing thru their senior year.  So, Leighton is one of my rising Juniors and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her on the team.

April and May has been reserved for each member of the spokesmodel team to have their own private Spokesmodel Shoot.  Just me and them (and of course mom).  These sessions were specifically created to showcase their interests, their passions, the things that are unique to them.  One thing that I hope people will say is that each of my Spokesmodel and Senior sessions are unique.  I never want everyone to look the same.  I never want all of my sessions to be so similar they could have all been shot on the same day.

Ummm… can we just give a little shout out to Dad for having such an AWESOME truck!!  I do believe you will another couple of appearances of this bad boy!

senior Photography Beautiful Evolutions alvarado Texas

Here’s just a little about Leighton… I love that she already has a strong plan for her life.  She’s leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at her age.

~ Leighton wants to attend NSU (Northwestern State University, Louisiana) and major in music education and dance.

~ Her faith in God and the love of her family has carried her thru some really tough times in her life.  She is stronger because of them, however, she wants to show other girls that beauty is more than what you see on the outside.

~ Her laughter and smile just radiates from her.  She is absolutely wonderful to be around!

senior Photography Beautiful Evolutions alvarado Texas

Sweet girl!  We are going to have a great year together and I can’t wait for the next time we shoot together!

Much Love




What to Wear Wednesday: 2017 most popular necklace

What to Wear Wednesday: 2017 most popular necklace

2017’s Most Popular Necklace

First off, I’m not even sure if chokers are considered necklaces. But they’re so popular, they deserve their own category anyways. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to spot a girl wearing a choker. Their popularity doesn’t waver between a typical highschool girl, to Kendall Jenner.

There’s no limit to the chokers you might find, & they can add so many different dimensions to your outfit. Sparkly, leather, long, velvet, thick, lace, or with charms- the possibilities of chokers are endless! You can wear them with anything. Here’s a few ways I like to wear chokers- enjoy! How do you wear them?

–For a more “dressed-up” look: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlushesAndGold

Beautiful Evolutions Choker Style 1


–For a more “edgy” look: Lulus

Beautiful Evolutions Choker Style 2


–For a more “dainty/fun” look: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LAminiJewelry

Beautiful Evolutions Choker Style 3



How do you wear them?  We love to see the little details that our girls bring to their shoots… what will you wear?



Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: The Ultimate Prom Look

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: The Ultimate Prom Look


Prom Season is here and if you are like me… you are digging thru Pinterest as though it has THE perfect solution for prom makeup.   Have you already scheduled your appointment for hair and makeup? Scheduled your photographer for the day?

That one night where you’re pampered head to toe in the most glamorous and fitting dress, the cutest hairstyle and of course the perfect face. Prom is your special night and you need the perfect tips and products to create a great flawless look. Whether it’s drugstore cosmetics or top notch products, nothing can stop you from looking like a queen.Here are a few tips for getting THE ultimate look for your incredible day!


You wake up ready to receive pampered treatment for your big night tonight, but your face is peeling or your foundation won’t blend, doesn’t worry, use these products to cover oily or dry skin and to keep your foundation from melting ¯

Revlon Face Primer 9$ / BENEFIT Primer 31$


You’ve scrolled up and down Pinterest to look for the perfect Smokey Eye look, you’ve finally found it and you go to apply your eyeshadow, but the pigment and blending isn’t looking anything like the picture on your screen. Use these products to help eye shadows and sparking products blend easier¯

NYX Eye shadow Primer 7$ / Urban Decay Eye Primer 20$

Whether your eyebrows are high arched, bushy or thin, us women must care for our brows. Before filling your brows in, use this primer to make sure your stubborn hairs stay put and to keep your full brows from smearing. Remember ladies, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. ¯

NYX Eyebrow Primer 7$ / Benefit Primer 28$

Want to make your cheekbones look like you’ve spent your whole life savings on surgery?  No need to spend all your cash, just stop by your local store, find your color and the next thing you know you’ll be looking at your prom photos looking like a million dollar Kardashian. ¯

Wet N Wild Contour Kit 5$ / Anastasia Cream or Powder Kit 40$

E.L.F Highlighter 3$ / BECCA Highlighter 30$

NYX Illuminator Cream 8$/ NARS Illuminator 30$


No matter how much mascara you apply your eyelashes just aren’t glamorous enough. Lashes not only brighten your eyes but give your lashes volume and length. Stop by any store and pick your poison. Lashes range from a Natural look all the way down the line to Runway.¯

Ardell Lashes 5$


Your lip-gloss has to be popping for Prom night. Whether you’re planning on using a lipstick to add color or a simple pink gloss to make your lips pop these products will fulfill your luscious lip needs ¯

NYX Lipstick (Gloss, Matte, Lip stain) 5$ / MAC Lipstick 17$


After all the makeup shopping, scrolling through pinterest and the hours spent on YouTube; your makeup is flawless and you’re ready for the big night. But don’t rush out the door yet, you don’t want to put all that hard work to waste. 2-3 pumps of this magical spray and after pictures, dinner and breaking a sweat on the dance floor, you’re face will still have a glamorous finish. ¯

NYX Setting Spray 8$ / Urban Decay Setting Spray 19$

* All makeup products stated first can be found in any store. Second products stated can be found at Ulta.

These seven tips I have provided for you will without a doubt make you outshine everyone on the dance floor.

However, if you’re running out of time or you would rather prefer someone else blessing your beautiful face then don’t worry I have a selection of women who are great with makeup brushes. Give me a shout and we will get you set up with some of the best hair and makeup artists in town!

Have you booked your photographer yet?  You’ve pulled all the final touches together – now you need a quick mini shoot before you head out for the big event!

Email me and let’s get you on the schedule


Prom Beautiful Evolutions DFW mini sessions